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CareWell Behavioral Health is a non-judgmental, client-centered practice, offering a safe and compassionate environment. We help individuals on their road to recovery.

Whoever changes one life, changes the whole world.

Our Clinicians Specialize in

The 3 Core Behavioral Health Treatment Areas

CareWell Behavioral Health uses the most advanced, proven methods in order to diagnose and deliver the best behavioral health treatment possible through personalized treatment plans for each of our clients.  We focus on the three core treatment areas: Trauma Related Disorders, Mental Health Disorders and also specialize in the treatment of Addiction.

Why Choose Us?

We are striving to be the best choice for trauma-informed behavioral health care in Stark County.  

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider us in your journey towards a new you!

Client-Shared Statistics

Client Recommendation
Communication Variety
Timely Responses
Respect and Support
Understanding of Concerns
Confidence of Expertise

We're Aiming To Provide Our Community With Better Care Solutions

CareWell Behavioral Health is providing better and more personalized treatment solutions for our community by  offering client-focused and trauma-informed treatment plans delivered by specialized and compassionate advanced clinicians.  

Client Testimonials


Dr. Emanuelson has been my “go-to” for clinical consultation, trainings, and educational needs. He is beyond knowledgeable; he is wise, engaging, and clearly driven to help others. These qualities, and quite a few more, are why I would not hesitate to recommend him for training, counseling, supervision, and likely, any other endeavor he puts his mind to!

Meredith Myers, LPCC-S

Chief Clinical Officer for IBH Addiction Recovery

Dedicated. Passionate. Dependable. Greg Emanuelson has been a significant mentor throughout my career. He has challenged me to continue to grow as an individual and clinician through supervision, consultation and support. Greg has helped me identify specific opportunities for growth and has encouraged me along my journey. Greg is a skillful therapist who is compassionate about clients and their recovery. He is passionate and motivated to provide a space for healing.

Ruth Scheufler

Clinical Director, Aultman Hospital Outpatient Program

Greg is knowledgeable and compassionate.  He takes a person-centered approach to his work and as a result will meet you where you are at, working on your goals and objectives.  He has a passion for the academics and personal growth, which allows him to be on the cutting edge with the latest evidence-based therapy approaches, helping him to assist people with healing and growth.

Maranda Nowlin, LPCC

Outpatient Therapist, Aultman Hospital
Recovery Oriented
Our team is dedicated to making progress towards better health and living your best life.
Evidence Based Practices
Our practice is dynamic, progressive and always learning in order to treat you with the best proven care available backed by hard evidence.
Advanced Clinicians
Feel confident in knowing that you're receiving the best possible care from clinicians with advanced skills and specialized training.
Collaborative Care
CareWell clinicians work with you in developing a personalized treatment plan to care for your needs while utilizing a world-class clinician network, care resources, and agencies to assist in the care of our patients.
Holistic Health
The care we provide focuses on mental, spiritual and physical health in the context of your culture and community.
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Progressive Treatment Plans

Our treatment plans are backed by the most modern and recommended methods.

Local and Community Oriented

We are based in North Canton, Ohio. We are proud to serve the community of Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas.

Advanced Specialized Treatments

Our clinicians are some of the best in the area, specializing in advanced treatment care.


We operate under a Client-Centered approach and keep you in the loop every step of the way. You're involved and in control of your recovery process.​



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